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Create Modals using Custom Query / Whole Entity modal type in DIALRun™

Creating a Modal in DIALRun™ using “Direct Query” type is very useful when your requirement is to transport or export data from multiple tables. To create a modal using this type, simply give a name for the modal and write your query in the query editor and hit “Create Modal”.

Create Modals using Data Object in DIALRun™

In a relational database, data is stored in tables. Each table is comprised of a number of columns. In DIALRun™, these tables are called as Modals and the columns are referred as "Tags".

Manage Connections in DIALRun™

With DIALRun™ connection manager you can add new connections and edit or delete an existing connection. Active connections tab show all your existing connections. You can delete connections or edit to update credential information. While editing and deleting an existing connection caution should be taken, as modifying connections can make Modals and Casts malfunction, and Scheduled Job to fail.

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