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DIALRun™ a True Cross Platform Integrator

As new applications and environments are released in the market , it has become a challenge for organizations to transport mission critical data back and forth various applications and databases. The market requires a true cross platform integrator that can enable data transport between applications and environments, seamlessly and yet simple to use.

Project - Migrate SugarCRM Accounts and Contacts to Salesforce in 15mints

Migrating of data from one CRM system to another is one of the tedious tasks in migration projects. Companies whether big or small spend a lot of time and money to accomplish this. With the help of a powerful tool like DIALRun™, this can become a cakewalk experience. DIALRun™ can migrate Accounts (with custom fields), Contacts (with custom fields and email) and its relationships in 3 easy configurations.

Why choose DIALRun™ for Salesforce Migration

Data migration is the most painful process in a Salesforce migration project. Not just with Salesforce, this is common phenomena across all migration projects. When it comes to migration tool for Salesforce, there are many migration tools available in the market including Salesforce. But what makes DialRun™ stand out of the crowd, is the way it’s been designed and the ease it gives the users to start a data migration project on the run in 15mints.

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