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DIALRun #1 Data Integration and Migration app


We provide best solution for data transport

Data Integration

Do you have multiple applications running on different platforms and you are looking for a tool which can do a seamless integration? Look no further!



DIAL provides cloud integration and migration between on-premise systems, applications, and enterprise databases allowing organizations to simplify and unify cloud and enterprise data.


Data Migration

Looking to accomplish a complex migration project?, well DIAL can help you put your project to implementation in just 15 minutes.


Data Migration to Salesforce mase EASY

If you are already on the verge of migrating from one CRM or database to Salesforce, you would have already experienced that migrating your data is the hardest piece of the puzzle to put together in a CRM migration project.

But with a tool like DIALRun™, your stress can be easily reduced. You could start importing your data to Salesforce in no time.

See our solutions for migrating data like Cases, Opportunities, Products, Quote and Orders to Salesforce.


Data transport between cross-platform data sources has become very common in any application infrastructure.

DIALRun™ provides a easy solution for scenarios like this. Using DIalRun™, one can easily transport data between MySQL and SQL server very easily.


Cross-Platform Data Source Data Transport

Simple & User Friendly UI

DIALRun™ uses an in-house developed framework which gives the ability for the developers to create a simple light weight UI, which is very hard to find in the data migration/integration tools that are available in the market.

It is so light weight that it can be used in mobile devices as well. This give you the freedom to process and monitor scehduled jobs from anywhere.

Consuming XML API integration has become a part of any IT infrastructure. As more and more cloud services are being available, organizations have to be in a position to consume these API quickly and seamlessly.

DIALRun™ comes in handy, when you want to consume your own API or from a service provider in cloud. You can integrate your application with the API in just a matter of few minutes.

XML API Integration

Ready to try the most SIMPLE & POWERFUL data manipulation tool?

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