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Why choose DIALRun™ for Salesforce Migration

Posted on March 30, 2016

Data migration is the most painful process in a Salesforce migration project. Not just with Salesforce, this is common phenomena across all migration projects. When it comes to migration tool for Salesforce, there are many migration tools available in the market including Salesforce. But what makes DialRun™ stand out of the crowd, is the way it’s been designed and the ease it gives the users to start a data migration project on the run in 15mints.

Here are some of the reason why you should choose DIALRun™ to do your Salesforce Data Migration.

 No Downloads, No Installation,  No Software:

You don’t have to download and install any extra software, since DIAlRun™ is a cloud application that can be used from your desktops, laptops and mobile devices. This gives the complete freedom for users to monitor their project anywhere.

 No Excels or CSVs:

Users don't have to worry about exporting data to an excel sheet or CSV file in a particular format for it to be imported to Salesforce. DIALRun™ provides the direct mapping of fields from your existing CRM’s data source to Salesforce.

 Not just Accounts and Contacts:

DIALRun™ does not have any restriction on what data object can be imported. Starting from Accounts, Contacts, Leads to Products, PriceBook, Quotes, and Quotes Line Items can be imported into Salesforce.

 Maintain Relationships between Objects:

Maintaining the proper relationship between data object is a tricky business in data migration, especially with Salesforce. But with DIALRun™, it is all done in the configuration.

 See DIALRun™ in action:

Migrate Accounts and related Contacts from SugarCRM to Salesforce in 15mints.

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