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How to Schedule a Batch Job in DIALRun™

Posted on March 1, 2016

Note: Only Deployed casts can be schedule for the batch job.

In Dial Run, a batch job has to be scheduled for every cast for it to be processed. Whether it’s a one-time data load or a recurring data load, it has to be scheduled as a batch job.

Click on “Schedule Dial” and select the appropriate time to run the batch job. If it is a one-time run, make sure you select the option “run every year on a particular date & time”.

Scheduled job will fail if the batch process encounters a max of 10 errors.

  Info tab shows the previous and next run date and time.

  Pause & Play button helps to pause and play the scheduled job.

  Log tab shows the batch job logs like start and ending of a job run, any errors encountered during the job run.

   The Ouput tab is where your outputted file from your batch job will be stored.

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