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Create Modals using Custom Query / Whole Entity modal type in DIALRun™

Posted on March 22, 2016

Note: Modals created using this method (query method) can be used only as a data source during data transfer and not as a data destination.

 MySQL and SQL:

In terms of MySQL and SQL, modals are database tables that you wish to import/export data.

Creating a Modal in Dial Run using “Direct Query” type is very useful when your requirement is to transport or export data from multiple tables.

To create a modal using this type, simply give a name for the modal and write your query in the query editor and hit “Create Modal”.

 Note: To eliminate scheduled run failures, while writing query make sure that your query is outputting the desired data by running it again your data source.



In terms of Salesforce, objects are referred as Modals in Dial Run and fields are refereed as Tags.

As above mentioned query can be written to transport or export data from multiple Salesforce objects.

Note: Use Salesforce developer console and make sure your query is correct by executing the query in the query editor.



In XML, any elements that have child elements are modals. For XML application gives an opportunity to the user to “Use the whole entity” of the XML. When you select this option, and select your aggregator type, application will use the complete XML elements.

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