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Manage Connections in DIALRun™

Posted on March 9, 2016

With DIALRun™ connection manager you can add new connections and edit or delete an existing connection.


To create New Connection hit “Create new connection”

  • Choose the adapter you wish to create a connection for.
  • Give a name for the connection (Note: name accepts only alphabets, space and underscore)


Create a New MySQL/SQL Connection:

  • If you can connect to your database server directly, then you should choose the first option and enter the database server credentials.
  • If you wish to connect to your database server through SSH then use option 2 and enter SSH credentials and database credentials to get access to your server.
  • If you have entered the correct information, you should be able to see all your databases being loaded in the database dropdown, Select the desired database and hit submit.


 Create a New XML Connection:

  •  XML connections can be created either by entering an XML schema or an API URL  that generates the XML.
  • Hit submit button to save the connection.


 Create a New Salesforce Connection:

  • Salesforce connections can be created with or without a token as per your salesforce account setup.
  • If you need a token to create the connections use method 2.
  • Hit submit button to save the connection.


 Active connections tab show all your existing connections. You can delete connections or edit to update credential information. While editing and deleting an existing connection caution should be taken, as modifying connections can make Modals and Casts malfunction, and Scheduled Job to fail.

 For a more detailed walkthrough see the video below.

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