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All you need to know about Cast in DIALRun™

Posted on March 22, 2016

A Cast in DIALRun™, is basically a profile you are creating for a scheduled job. In a basic setup, a cast will have one or many Data Source/s (a Choose Set), can have Condition bases on which data will be collected (a Mark) from the data source and one Destination (Populate set), where the data will be sent to or outputted.

 Creating a Choose Set:

  • Enter a name and hit   to create an empty choose set.
  • Hit   to start configuring your choose set.
  • You will see all your data modals being loaded onto the left panel; choose the modal you wish to load data from (Data Source). You can choose more than one modal if you want to load data from multiple sources.  Hit   to add selected modals to be configured.
  • If you wish to give any condition for the data to be retrieved (like “isactive=1 AND type=Prospects”), then you should select the desired modal and hit “Apply Based on” button for the configuration panel to be displayed.
  • On the below configuration panel, you will see all the fields associated with your selected modal is loaded on to the left. In the middle, you will see a query editor with possible operators loaded on to the right.
  • Click on the “Condition” button and hit “Edit” icon to add a condition to your modal, enter your query and hit “Validate and Apply” button to validate the query. For your connivance, you can double click on the field names and the operators to be added to the editor.
  • Once you are all done configuring the modal, hit “Confirm Choose” to save the choose set.


  • Once you are done configuring the choose set, click on “Mark”, and you will see a list of datasets that can be generated from the choose set.
  • Give an appropriate name for the data set and hit “Apply”


  • Click on “Populate” to select your destination modal.
  • Click on the “Configure” next to your choose set and you will see all the fields of the modals getting loaded in the configuration panel.
  • You will also see the list of available modals to be populated. Select the one you want the data to be loaded.
  • Map the fields from the source modal to the destination modal.
  • You can also set static values for fields if needed and if both the data structure is similar, you can use the “Straight Map” button to map all the fields in one click.
  • Use the “Apply Based On” button to apply the condition for populating data. For example, if you want to perform update record as well as create new records, then you would need to set the condition on which records will be updated.
  • Clicking “Apply Based On” will display the query editor, enter your condition and hit “Validate & Apply”.
  • Once all the configuration is done, select the mode of populate you wish to perform.
  • Use Strict, if you want only update records.
  • Use “Use All” if you want to update and add new records.

Once all done, give a name for the Case and save the cast, so it can be deployed.

Please check the video for the above steps in action.

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